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Transmission problems can show up in any number of ways—shaking, slipping or dragging in the clutch, whining or knocking. But what seems like a small annoyance can quickly become an expensive problem. It’s best to take care of those annoyances as soon as they happen to save yourself from expensive repairs and even a transmission replacement.

Signs Your Transmission Needs Help

Manual transmissions can have issues shifting or staying in gear. Automatic transmissions may make loud noises. And of course, leaks can happen to both types. If you smell something burning or your transmission fluid is dark, you will need it replaced. And a check engine light is often a sign of transmission issues.


At Power Shift Transmissions, we do everything we can to diagnose and fix transmission problems early, keeping you from expensive repairs and wasted time. We service domestic and imported vehicles, and we are experts in both manual and automatic transmissions. Whatever kind of car you have, we can fix it.

We can also fix all kinds of transmission problems, including clutch repairs, axle issues, and problems with drivelines and differentials. Whether you can’t reverse, have a leak, smell something burning, or hear something not-quite-right, we’re the repair shop for you.

If you want to prevent problems before they even begin, we also provide transmission maintenance. Plus, we offer same-day service so you can have your car when you need it.

Whether you hear something off or you need a Toronto automatic transmission expert, call us today for your free estimate!

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